to be continued…

Abaya: a long sleeve, floor length garment made of black cloth. This is the traditional and obligatory clothing for women in some parts of the Middle East and especially in Saudi Arabia. Women are obligated to wear it whenever leaving the house.

Ahlan Wa Sahlan: Arabic expression used to welcome someone.

Alhamdulillah!:  Arabic for ‘ Thank God!’.

Chop- Chop Square: Originally known as the Deera Square. A public place in Riyadh where executions take place after the friday prayer.

Iqama: Saudi residency permit

Mutawa: Casual term  used for the islamic religious police.

Qahwah;  Arabic word used for coffee. The qahwah in Saudi Arabia is usually a yellow, thick substance with cardamom.

Shawarma:  The Arabic version of the Greek gyros or Turkish doner kebab. A wrap with meat, vegetables, humus and fries.

Souk: Also known as souq, the Arabic word of what most people know as a bazaar. Souks in Saudi Arabia usually sell a lot of traditional, local items.

Thobe: (also thawb) Ankle length and long sleeved robe worn by Muslim men, It is usually white but could also be brown or black.


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