German- Saudi Culture Week 2014

Saudi Arabia has made it to Berlin! Wish the fair took place last year, too before I left for Riyadh.

The Berlinish Journal

During my first years in Germany, I have visited all sorts of fairs and so called “culture weeks”. Be it the annual Grüne Woche or ‘Green Week’, an exhibition to get to know the Russian Federation, The Long Night of Science or The Long Night of Religions. Berlin has them all and this week, even Saudi Arabia made it to the area between the Sony Center and various cafés near the Potsdamer Platz.


I arrived  to the heavy smell of Arabic coffee and henna. Probably more than a hundred people moved slowly among the stands that looked like sand stone buildings typical for Saudi Arabia. People were standing in line, taking pictures, talking to the people who kept the event running for about a week now.


Even though I expected it to be otherwise, the attending audience was rather different. I heard a mixture of German, Spanish, Russian, Turkish and…

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