Saudi Cheat Sheet

Margo Catts

When people learn I live in Saudi Arabia, the first question tends to be, “So what’s it like there?” A big question. But given enough time (say, a meal, rather than a cash-register transaction), the conversations tend to cover the same ground. Here, then, are the basic answers to the basic questions about what it’s like in Saudi Arabia so you don’t have to dig through a dozen cryptically-titled blog posts to find the answers. (I have, however, provided links to blog posts that go further on each topic, in case you’re interested.)

Is it really hot there? Yes, it’s hot, but not all the time. The annual weather cycle is pretty similar to Phoenix, Arizona, with half the rainfall. Summers can get over 50C / 122F. Winters are mild and sunny, with cool nights and light-sweater days.

Do you have to wear…(vague head-to-toe hand gesture)? Women are required to…

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3 thoughts on “Saudi Cheat Sheet”

    1. It’s a pitty that the expats play an important role in our country’s infrastructure build up and we never pay them Well or Recognize them , why don’t we the Saudis do such jobs ? It is because of expats that our country is rising and shinning , I know a friend of mine didn’t pay around 100 expats, and just got them deported and was laughing that being a Saudi he can cheat these expats , as they will never get justice here and he can play his Saudi card to be dishonest and break the law, earn money that doesn’t belon to them , hire more expats and do the same, all because our justice system is corrupt, no justice for poor, and only rich can use it as they like , especially Pakistani , Indonesian, Malaysian and Philippino labours are badly treated here, as their foreign service never stands for their rights , having done my Phd from Europe, I felt I have same rights as nationals and knew I can even take there Dean , policemen or prime minister to court and get justice if they try to cheat me.
      If we don’t change our attitudes towards Muslims expats, we will pay heavy price as there is a power superior then us, Allah , so please wake up and don’t spread hatred, racism and raise Saudisation slogan, if our generation or youth is hardworking, educated, they would make there way themselves , rather weeping like women all the time and looking for short cuts, we should not spoon feed them but make them strong and hard worker and punish all the criminals in our society including rich if we want to survive and give justice to expats.


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