Saudi Phone Calls


About an hour ago I received a phone call. I don’t know what I expected but when I picked up to answer, I was greeted by a female voice speaking Arabic, while somewhere in the background I could hear a child cry.

As I tried to explain to the lady in English that I did not understand Arabic and that she probably had the wrong number, she just kept talking in Arabic, obviously not able to understand me. All I could do was hang up on her, but she still kept calling back.

As I have been told, such misunderstandings happen here quite often, so don’t wonder if you receive a call from a stranger.

When you come to Riyadh and buy a SIM card for your phone, you receive a phone number that used to belong to somebody else. The other person probably chnged his or her number or moved away or whatever. The strangers that may end up calling you are the friends and relatives of the former owner of the SIM card.

So in the end there is no reason to worry. Sooner or later the people will realize that they dialed the wrong number and will eventually stop bothering you.

Or maybe you will just be luckier than me and the person on the other end understands English.


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